In 1986 Ronald Reagan signed the executive order that no military style firearms could be imported into the US, and that full automatic weapons produced from the day of signing this order could not be sold to civilians. This however did not include silencers.

From this order on you had two different types of class III weapons: Pre-ban and Post-ban.
Please don't mix this up with the Clinton assault weapon ban from 1994.

Pre-ban class III weapons can be sold and bought with approval of the NFA and cost $200 tax per item, and may take 3-4 months to process the approval. Because there is a limited amount of these pre-ban weapons, their prices are high.

Post-ban weapons are available to law enforcement (and military) only. This does not include individual officers. Only departments can buy and own them.

What a civilian can buy/own with the NFA paperwork, $200 and wait are:

  1. Pre-ban full automatic weapons

  2. Silencer which can be current production

  3. Short barrel rifles. For example a 14" barrel for a AR 15 style rifle

  4. Firearms which do not look like a firearm, for example a flashlight shooting on the backside a .380 or .410.

Transportation into a state other than where the weapon is registered and used for hunting has restrictions. Other than these restrictions, class III weapons can be owned and used like any other firearms.

Here some samples of NFA weapons:

Shooting clay pigeons on 750 metes! This Steyr Tactical Elite with a S&B PII scope in .308 has a Gemtech suppressor on it.

This is a Glock 18 firing 9X19 in semi or full automatic mode. Since this weapon is hard to control, the IGB shoulder stock is the only safe way to fire longer full auto burst. Magazines are available in 17 (in pictures shown with +2 option in the gun) and 31 round. Click with a left mouse click on the picture to see a video.

This is a M4 from GSE with a 11.5" POF upper with a EOTech holosite. The magazine is a improved HK M16 magazine and above the rifle is a Beta 100 round magazine. This rifle can be sold as a SBR with a semi auto lower to civilians or full auto to PD's.

This is a nice setup of a Beretta 87 .22 suppressed with a Gemtech Outback.

Here the Gemtech Outback on a CZ75 Kadet.

Every CZ75 frame can take the .22 Kadet conversion kit.

This is a Ruger 10/22 with a Gemtech Outback. It is the same suppressor as shown with the Beretta. In order to get it on the 10/22 however, you need to have a bull barrel. The stock barrel of the 10/22 is too thin to cut the threat on.

Here is the Gemtech Outback on a Ruger 77/22.

This USP CT has a Gemtech Blackside in .45 ACP mounted.

This is the MP5K. The smallest version of this well known sub machinegun.

MP5k with Beta 100 round magazine.

Standard MP5 with the A3 retractable stock.

MP5 with the new clear cover 100 round Beta magazine.

This picture made it to the front picture of HK Pro February 2007!

This is a 11.5 inch M4 select fire. Of cause we can offer this rifle as well just as a SBR.

With this M4 is a SIG SP 2022 shown.

This is a Gemtech SOS-45 fitted for a HK USP Tactical. This suppressor will fit as well on a HK Mk23 or most 1911 models.

This is a Vector V53. It's a semi auto short barrel rifle copy of the HK 53.

It has a 9.8" barrel and is the same size as an MP5!

Below you see the original HK 53A3. This is a post dealer sample!

Click on the picture to see a video (279 KB) it being fired by a friend of mine!

Below is the HK53 with the Beta C Magazine, which hold 100 rounds of .223/ 5.56X45!

Click on the picture to see a video where the HK53 is shoot (5,362 MB).

The following rifle is a HK G36k. This rifle shoots as well 5.56X45.

G36k with 100 round Beta magazine, suppressor and Hensoldt 3x scope and red dot optic.

This is a G36C. The G36C is the smallest/shortest version of the G36 family. It is shown here with a HKP2000, suppressor, two magazines and the Beta 100 round magazine. The following picture is a front view.

This picture made it to the front picture of HK Pro January 2007!

This is the HK33.

The HK33 was the first 5.56x45 caliber rifle to use the delayed roller lock bolt first perfected in the G3.  The 33 is a downsized G3 made for the smaller cartridge.  In semiautomatic only form for American consumption, (at least until 1989,) it is known as the HK93, with a precursor model produced for a short time called the HK43.  Most common with steel 25 round magazines, 40 round aluminum magazines are plentiful, but more recently, steel 30 round magazines have been introduced by HK for the Law Enforcement and Military market.  The magazines for this rifle are extremely durable, and will usually function quite well after having been run over by a vehicle. Also shown in the picture is a Beta 100 round magazine drums.

This shown HK33 started it's duty at the Malaysian PD. Therefore it is marked differently and the fire control symbols are different. Normally on HK33 you have S-E-F. This model has S - an U turned to the side - an 0 turned to the side!  

More information on HK33 you can find on this wonderful site:

G36c fired full auto!

A police officer trying out the G36k.


A Vector UZI fired in full auto.

A AR15 SBR with a Gemtech quick attach. The suppressor will fit just over the standard flash hider.


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